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Research on Open Social Innovation: Scientific Exchange and Networking

For the third time, Anne-Laure Fayard (NOVA School of Business and Economics), Johanna Mair (Hertie School Berlin & Stanford); Thomas Gegenhuber (JKU Linz & Leuphana University), and Paolo V. Leone (NOVA School of Business and Economics) organized a meeting of the ROSI (Research on Open Social Innovation) research group. In the group, scholars from leading international universities exchange ideas on open social innovation processes, share their latest findings and jointly determine an agenda for future research.

At this meeting in late September, Angela Aristidou (University College London), Olivia Jung (Emory University) and Pedro Oliveira (Nova School of Business and Economics) presented their latest research on Open Social Innovation in Healthcare. This session was moderated by Madeleine Rauch (Copenhagen Business School). Among other topics, the group discussed how patients can better participate in healthcare innovation and the role of AI and platforms.